The Developer

Directed by its original owner since its 1979 inception, PRE/3 celebrates its reputation as a leader in real estate development, investment, and management.  Based out of Brookfield, Wisconsin, PRE/3 is guided by its midwestern values and uncompromising integrity in every development, sale, acquisition, and residential experience.  PRE/3 is appluaded for its excellence in providing attractive homes at an affordable price point in small to mid-size markets throughout the United States.

For 40 years, the PRE/3 leadership team’s innovation, knowledge, and meticulousness have afforded them the trust and confidence of clients and communities.  From the owner and presidents, to each employee, the PRE/3 family has earned the credentials and credibility responsible for its success.  PRE/3 is unparalleled in its commitment to every participant in the real estate development, investment, and management experience.  In its ethical business practices with investors, its dedication to new construction, its collaboration within the communities in which it develops, and its responsiveness to residents, PRE/3 promises to secure satisfaction for all involved.     

The Builder

Throughout its long history in Southeastern Wisconsin, Allan Builders, LLC has built a reputation as one of the area’s most respected home building companies. They have been helping families to experience the joy and fulfillment of homeownership for more than thirty-eight years. Acquired by its current owners in 2007, Allan Builders is part of The Victory Companies, Inc., which also houses a luxury custom home building company, Victory Homes of Wisconsin, Inc., and a remodeling company, Victory Renovations, LLC. Together these companies offer an amazing variety of unique home styles, layouts and solutions for every budget. The three brands operate independently, but each benefits from the streamlining of best practices, cost control measures and the financial strength they pose as a combined entity. 

Allan Bartelt, the company’s founder, believed that quality homes could be built affordably, and that every family should have the opportunity for homeownership. Today, Allan Builder’s team of experts still believes in this philosophy.  Allan Builders offers smart, affordable plans with places to entertain and relax with family, and plenty of flexible living space for a family’s changing needs. 

The Collaboration

PRE/3 recognizes that the residents of Union Grove, as vibrant and versatile as the village itself, deserve a unique place to call home. Between Union Grove’s highly-rated schools and its surging job opportunities, it became clear that the village would benefit from an attractive neighborhood where families could settle.

With the purchase of a 44-acre parcel of land, PRE/3 has collaborated with the Union Grove Village Planner to create an organic transition of zoning parcels and an ideal layout for commercial development, multifamily housing, and single-family homes to co-exist and thrive.

PRE/3 is grateful to the Village President and Planners whose cooperation and forward-thinking have helped materialize the community. Their attention to each step of the process, from its genesis in the critical component of bringing sewer to the site, coupled with their presence at each and every planning meeting, has been instrumental in the realization of Dunham Grove.

PRE/3 is also appreciative of its partnership with Allan Builders, who has prioritized the needs of the village and the best interest of the community. PRE/3 was confident in selecting the firm as its builder, recognizing that Allan Builders’ ethical business practices and commitment to providing quality homes at an affordable price effortlessly aligns with PRE/3’s values and vision.